Election 2007

06 Apr

Lately I have seen a lot of politicians in television. It’s election time again and they are doing electoral campaign via the radio,television,internet and other forms such as flyers, pocket calendars and even tarpaulin.

Some have celebrity endorsers for them to be more recognized by people. Showbiz celebrities have also shown their interest in politics. For the past 2 years the presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has been questioned due to cheating. Of course, some of us also doubt if she really won the 2004 elections. That is why the Opposition is pushing for her to be impeached. Going back to Erap, who is under house arrest for plunder, this controversy has launched the so called “EDSA DOS” that resulted for him to leave Malacanang and then Vice President Gloria Arroyo was sworned to presidency.The “GARCI” issue has died since it has not prospered for further interrogation. Opposition leaders are still planning to file for impeachment against GMA. Would this really solve the problem the nation is facing?

The administration ticket on the other hand is not that strong to take the 12-seats in the Senate. They may have programs and platforms for the people and the country as well but it is again the question of execution. Are we again to expect on promises?

Showbiz personalities and even the people’s champ has decided to run for office. As you can see, Cesar Montano and Richard Gomez aiming to be lawmakers while they dont have experience yet. I am not looking down on their capacity to be Senators, but at least they should have started as councilors or mayors. Manny Pacquiao didnt think twice… may be he was influenced by other politicians who want to take advantage of his popularity…

Anyway,so much for that.. I hope that people will now think twice and choose the right ones.

Vote for the RIGHT 12!


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