School days are back so as the rainy days…

05 Jun

After the hot summer, here comes rainy days. You may notice that almost everyday it rains. Of course, it brings something to us. When it always rains, the water supply for Metro Manila is sufficient since the dams are all filled up in its ideal level. The other side of it is…. its not easy for commuters to travel when it rains. It is also makes other people sick (fever,colds,cough etc.) For some areas it is useful to their planted crops and for some its destructive.

June as said to be the start of rainy season happens also to be the start of school year. Students in all parts of the country are looking forward for this time of the year. They get to see their friends in school and of course the “baon”. For incoming college students, its another milestone for them and looks forward to their future. Some may still have the “happy-go-lucky” attitude. For parents, they also work hard to be able to send their children to school. I believe its an achievement for them to see their children graduate from college. The unfortunate stays at home, in streets and anywhere. It may be a choice for some of them, but not for others… The reality is there, you can never deny it. I hope the government can do something about it. Let’s wait and see.

Rainy days are here and may bring something to us. Seasons come and go after the rain there’s something else…

I hope that rainy days will bring good to us and school days will always be smooth sailing..

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Posted by on June 5, 2007 in Anything Under the Sun, Personal


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