After the long silence…

25 Mar

It’s been a while since I haven’t updated this blog. I have been busy this past few months after leaving UP and transferred to another Government Agency/GOCC.

Anyway, this might be my destiny. 🙂

Recently, I also had a training in ASP.Net and right now I am finishing my training at UP IT Training Center in PHP and MySQL. Comparing the two web application programming languages, they are both powerful, however, many sites are built commercially using PHP.

I can’t compare their performance since our project in the office is more on Visual Basic 6 which is more on desktop applications and the “classic ASP”.

Last March 12-13, 2008, I got the chance to attend a seminar on Integrated Management Systems (IMS) awareness. The lecture seems to enlightened me more. Although, we had taken this up in TQM Class at UP Technology Management Center, I had a better understanding on the corporate perspective.

I had a tough semester in UP TMC. It’s my first time to enroll 3 subjects which is equivalent to 9 units. For me, it’s suicide mode, trying to balance my family time, work and school. Just last night, I had the last hurdle in my Marketing subject. The final exam which lasted 3 hours was quite manageable. On March 31, we still have some papers to submit for my Technology Acquisition (TM 241) subject. By thursday of this week, I have to submit a paper on my Finance subject. It’s cramming time again. 😀

That will be all for now, I hope I can finish all my papers on or before end of the month.

See you next post!


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