Pinoy Facts :-)

08 Apr


People from different countries have their general traits which make them unique. Whether they like it or not, they share something in common. This page tackles some of the characteristics and behavior of the Filipinos or Pinoys which may surprise and amuse the non-Pinoys and may serve as an eye opener to our Filipinism. A true-blooded Pinoy

· likes to drink his life’s sorrows over jukebox songs.

· loves to overdecorate his house.

· votes movie stars into public office.

· prefers to ride a jeepney or a tricycle than just walk to a short distance destination.

· goes for an idle talk with neighbors first thing in the morning.

· is so conscious when it comes to body odor.

· scrubs the floor with a coconut husk.

· uses kanin or rice as instant paste when there isn’t any.

· melts red candles on hot kerosene as floorwax.

· idea of the classic contrabida is Bella Flores.

· idea of Wonderwoman is either Darna or Super Gee.

· has electric flames on his prayer altars.

· loves to celebrate just about any anniversary.

· loves to dedicate mellow love songs on the radio.

· idea of to salvage is to kill, not to save.

· idea of beauty and handsomeness is being a mestizo.

· raises pigs and chicken in his small backyard.

· goes for sour foods such as sinigang, pinaksiw, daeng, atsara, kinilaw.

· expression of vomiting is planting rice.

· puts capiz shells in his window.

· eats balut or duck’s embryo and intestines.

· idea of spicy food is one with lots of chili peppers in it.

· closes the street during wakes for a dead realtive, put a tent and convert it into a Mahjong hall.

· takes a bath in the rain particularly in May because it’s good for the health.

· is a sabong freak. Sabong means two fighting cocks.

· writes smile before you open notes on penpal envelopes and letters.

· likes to crack watermelon/squash seeds and corniks (fried corn seeds) during light conversations.

· has an arinola handy at bedtime. Arinola is a metal bowl for the sole purppose of urination.

· decorates his house with seashells, figurines, oversized potteries and ornamental, plastic flowers.

· washes the dishes and glasses lublob or soaking style.

· has Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary pictures hanging in the gates and doors.

· has dried Palm Sunday palms known as palaspas on his altar.

· has a grotto in his lawn.

· has stone dwarfs and mushrooms in his lawn.

· has showbiz gossip magazines in his liivng room.

· his lawn is carpeted with Bermuda grass and planted with Araucaria Cypress.

· recycles spoiled food as kaning baboy or food for the pigs in his backyard.

· eats fish heads with a sucking-slurping relish.

· thinks that food accidentally dropped on the floor is still safe to eat so long as it hasn’t been there a minute.

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