Treating People Appropriately

20 Apr

We all have ways on how to deal with people. Other people also do. Some are polite. Some are frank. Some are not appropriate as others say. But the question is, Is there really a standard on this?. As old folks say, we should respect all people whether who they are and what they are. Sounds right. As always, there are still things that you see in the house, office, markets and other public places that sometimes makes you ask is this proper or not?

For me, I have been working for the past 8 years and have met people and learned from them. I worked in a private company before and now Im working as a government employee. I met people who belong to the so called “big-bosses” and have met some who don’t even looked like a manager. Maybe because how they treat people. I’ve met a manager who is the “favorite” of almost all of the employees. Why? because he is humble, can get along with all the people in the office in all levels and of course he treats people appropriately. He is a good example for me. Although, I havent got his qualities, I always put in mind that you must always be courteous and polite to others. Sad thing is, others looked at themselves so high. They always want to be called “Sir” or “Mam”. If someone has mistakenly called them they get mad. In other words “mataas ang tingin nila sa kanilang sarili”. And sometimes, it even comes to a point that they tell other people that “Im a manager here.. FYI”… Sarcastic as it seems, but its true. I really want to put a blind item here but Im afraid of getting into trouble, baka ma “Lolit Solis” pa ako.hehehehe

Well I guess, people are really different. But sometimes, we get disappointed.

Hanggang dito nalang muna…. I ran out of words, hehehe…..

Maybe i’ll just solicit some inputs from the readers… and then from there we’ll interact…..


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