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Comprehensive Exam at Last

Last Sunday, August 10, 2008 I took my comprehensive exam at UP for my graduate studies. For me, it was the exam of my life. It started 8:15 and I finished at 1:30.

The exam was fine but I’m not saying it’s easy. Im not that confident with my answers until the results will be released. Im praying that I will pass the exam. Of course, I hope we will all pass the exam.

Fortunately, some questions were similar to what we have reviewed in our Study group. At least, I already have the strategy on how to answer the question.

The exam results will be out in a month and Im hoping to get a favorable result.

Will let you know if I pass. hehehe

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From Private to Government to Private (p2G2p)

I have been working for 8 years already. I been through with private corporations have good and bad experiences. Then, I went to government which was relatively the same. Though the pressure in work was quite light compared to working in private companies.

Right now, im back in private sector. Im quite excited with my current job. Everyday, I learn new things and get to focus in my tasks since there are a lot of projects Im handling. But there are a lot of changes. Of course, the time I consume in work has increased compared to when I was still working in the government.

Im also pressured with the expectations of my superiors. In the government, you are already a permanent employee if it’s a plantilla item. Meaning, you dont have to go through the probationary period. In private sector it takes 6 months to be a regular employee depending on your performance. There is also a security of tenure in the government.

We’ll honestly, I miss the government employee routine. But for now, regrets are set aside. Im aiming to achieve something for myself and for my family. I also have career plans which is more realistic in the private sector.

For now, I am starting to love my work. That is the key of course. Im taking this step very seriously and hopefully I will be successful.. 🙂

This is all for now.