Storms in Life

28 Oct

It’s been a long time that I haven’t posted here. It’s good to be back and writing again my thoughts here in my blog.

Lately, we have experience the nature’s wrath as they say. Ondoy and Pepeng as which seems to be a friendly name but brought about devastation in people’s lives and properties. Sad to say and see that people now are still trying to move on. It has been a month but there are still flooded places. There are still people out there who needs help in terms of food and shelter as well as medicine. Many people have died during that storm/typhoon. Right now we are also facing an Leptospirosis outbreak and have already caused that death of many people. There is also a threat on rice crisis next year since the rice granary in Northern Luzon was greatly stricken by flood.

Just recently, Pres. Arroyo ordered the implementation of the Marcos-era Metro Plan which was originally a study conducted by DPWH funded by WB.  The rehabilitation of areas greatly affected by floods is still on-going.

Many problems come and it seems that it’s not ending. Some say that this is the time to change our ways. We have to be responsible for our actions. What can we do now? I believe, its not only praying but also acting. Walk the Talk so to speak. These times are storms, storms in life. They would come and would eventually go. Some things may be hopeless but I guess we have to face it. As long we breathe, there is still a second chance. I read in a book that if we don’t suffer or we do not experience trials, life may be perfect, and that means we are already in heaven. If life is perfect, we dont have to live it.

I myself have trials to face that would greatly affect my whole being. These are the storms in my life. I just pray that someday, there would be a rainbow that I could clearly see. That means, I survived. In times like this, we just need to be strong and take it as it is. Trust in God and he will do the rest.

Until then…


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