Hi this is my blog site!.  I would like to share this site to my wife, to my son biboy, my family and my friends.

Hope you find something worth keeping in this site.

Thanks for Dropping By!


One response to “About

  1. bloomer

    April 18, 2008 at 8:50 am

    hi bongakz! glad to drop by your place in cyberspace. saw it at soblog. cool.

    hey, we miss you today. i just hope you’re not “off to greener pasture” yet. a rough start and a few bumpy rides? we all experienced that. tell you what: if not for other opportunities, i’ve been long gone as well. i used to be quirky myself trying to find my niche. but this is already an institution. not much choice but to do what we have to do. the secret though is to conform to the standards without sacrificing your ideals. sounds contradictory but in time it pays to be just like that: doing your job but never losing focus on your goal. as reden_wh*re fondly says, “patience is a virtue.” surprisingly, sometimes its true. 😉

    so shrug off all the negativity coz in the scheme of things, these are nothing.

    have a great weekend! see you monday.(hopefully hahah!)


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