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Quarterly Exams

This week is the 1st quarterly exam of my son who is currently in Nursery level. I’m happy how eager he is to study and go to school. I hope he makes it good in the exams. No pressure in having high grades or being the top. The important thing is that he learns and develops his skills surely.


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TGIS – Thank God It’s Sunday

It’s a nice Sunday indeed. We thank God that the typhoon is already heading towards China Sea. Thank God It’s Sunday and we can all have time to go to church and visit our loved ones who have passed away. It’s sad to hear that the typhoon yesterday still claimed lives.

For me, I just spent one of the happiest day in my life with my wife, son and father. We went to church, had lunch and went to zoo. I myself enjoyed seeing some animals which I haven’t seen face to face 🙂 . My son was very curious and excited in seeing the animals especially the snakes. 🙂 . A lot of families were also there and had their picnic in the zoo. It’s nice to see family going out and bond each other. Strengthening family relationship is one of the old Filipino family values we should always practice.

After few hours of walking around we decided to go home. Quite tiring but it was something I can cherish always.

Happy Long Weekend… God bless you all.


Storms in Life

It’s been a long time that I haven’t posted here. It’s good to be back and writing again my thoughts here in my blog.

Lately, we have experience the nature’s wrath as they say. Ondoy and Pepeng as which seems to be a friendly name but brought about devastation in people’s lives and properties. Sad to say and see that people now are still trying to move on. It has been a month but there are still flooded places. There are still people out there who needs help in terms of food and shelter as well as medicine. Many people have died during that storm/typhoon. Right now we are also facing an Leptospirosis outbreak and have already caused that death of many people. There is also a threat on rice crisis next year since the rice granary in Northern Luzon was greatly stricken by flood.

Just recently, Pres. Arroyo ordered the implementation of the Marcos-era Metro Plan which was originally a study conducted by DPWH funded by WB.  The rehabilitation of areas greatly affected by floods is still on-going.

Many problems come and it seems that it’s not ending. Some say that this is the time to change our ways. We have to be responsible for our actions. What can we do now? I believe, its not only praying but also acting. Walk the Talk so to speak. These times are storms, storms in life. They would come and would eventually go. Some things may be hopeless but I guess we have to face it. As long we breathe, there is still a second chance. I read in a book that if we don’t suffer or we do not experience trials, life may be perfect, and that means we are already in heaven. If life is perfect, we dont have to live it.

I myself have trials to face that would greatly affect my whole being. These are the storms in my life. I just pray that someday, there would be a rainbow that I could clearly see. That means, I survived. In times like this, we just need to be strong and take it as it is. Trust in God and he will do the rest.

Until then…


Just believe and it will come in His Time

Something to ponder and reflect…

-God’s Promises

  • God keeps His promises, so we can we believe Him ( Matt 1:21)

-God’s Provision

  • God meets our needs, so we can thank Him (Phil 4:19)

-God’s Power

  • God has the power to answer our prayers, so we can listen to Him (Jeremiah 33:3)

-God’s Plan

  • God loves us and sent Jesus to be our Savior and Lord, so we can become a Christian (John 3:16)

-God’s Presence

  • God is always present, so we can trust Him and tell others about him (Matt 28:19, 20)

Thanksgiving and Time to Reflect

I am thankful for the past weeks for God’s guidance and provision for my family. We also had our holy week vacation in the province to relax and take time to reflect.

Things have been different nowadays, I feel that I have changed a lot.  I pray that someday all of my problems will be solved. Even for the trials, God has been faithful. I will be graduating this sunday and this is something worth keeping. This is a blessing for me.

Sometimes I think that I am not worthy of anything but somehow, amazing things come my way. For the next few weeks in my life, it will be another tough hurdle. If ever things will be better,  it will be the most happiest time of my life. I will just wait for my prayers to be answered in God’s time.


Treasure every moment of your life

It’s been a while since I haven’t wrote in my blog. I have been busy for the past few months in work, school and personal matters. There have been many things that had happen in my life which left me something to ponder. Every path that I take is part of my decision. Looking into the past year, I have been blessed in work and in school and of course my family. Lately, there are things that I regret why did I do it. It seems that it’s too late for me to reverse things. I have not even thank God for the blessings and guidance he bestowed upon me. He has been greatful all my life even when I was still young. He did not forget to provide for my family. He always give me signs and answer my prayers in different way but still I did have been thankful to him.

Right now, I am facing the biggest problem of my life. If things go wrong, people will judge me and I would be in a world where I might feel that I am alone. My fears are there. I love my family very much. My wife and my son who has been my treasure as well as my parents and sisters as well as my long time friends. It might be too late for me to go back and start again.

But then again, God is still showing his love for me. I was able to finish my paper in school and hopefully, I will graduate this April 26. I realized that for every trial, God carries you. I am still strong and can work and I can still be with my family. This might be the time for me to look back and treasure every moment whether it’s happy or sad. It doesn’t matter anyway, what is important is that you live according to God’s will.

If anyone, who might read this, I am asking you to pray for me. In time, God will answer my prayers again in a different way.

I hope you too will hold on to what God has in store for you. Follow his will and ask for his guidance.

God bless.


5 months to go

Ifinally passed my comprehensive exam. I still have 5 months to go to graudate. Im taking up Knowledge Management right now. Its quite interesting and new to me. I expect to learn something new in this subject.

Im still trying to manage the busy schedule I have in the office and school.

Im happy that I dont have think on reviewing for the exams again. I hope the next batch this february will have favorable results in the exam.

This is all for now…

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